Tree Replant Program

After over 22 years in the arboricultural industry, T W Enterprises, Inc. is giving back to the community by introducing the Tree Replant Program. There are many great reasons to plant a tree, from improving the environment to the remembrance of a loved one and everything in between. With so many trees being removed, T W Enterprises is doing their part to encourage people to establish more trees in the area to improve air quality and support wildlife. Privacy and shade trees are 2″ caliper and 8′ tall. Ornamental trees are 1.5″ and 7′ tall.

$900 all inclusive:

  • Purchase
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Debris Removal
  • Mulching
  • Fertilization (the following year)


White Pine – soft green foliage good for screening; known to form a wind-swept, stately appearance if grown in the open. h100′ x w50′

White Spruce – tall growing, gray-green needles; good windbreak; withstands seashore conditions; native throughout North America. h60′ x w30′


Donald Wyman Crab Apple – full rounded form; pink buds open to white flowers; abundant persistent red fruit in fall-winter; disease-resistant foliage. h20′ x w20′

Aristocrat Pear – Beautiful white flowers in early spring; gorgeous fall color; tidy, formal profile; strong branch structure; non-fruiting. h35′ x w30′


Red Maple – green leaves in summer; autumn foliage ranges from yellow to beautiful red; withstands wet soils. h70′ x w30′

Sugar Maple – fine native shade tree; foliage turns orange-yellow in fall; prefers well-drained soils; avoid wet soils or where road salts are a problem; best maple for syrup production; large oval crown. h75′ x w30′

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