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About the Crew

Tom Wight, Owner
Starting in the late 90’s, Tom Wight, President of  T W Enterprises, Inc. has been providing quality services to all of Southern Maine,  from tree and shrub planting to large tree removals, Tom has worked along the sides of some of the most experienced leaders in the industry, with his on the job experience and formal education, Tom has a large volume of knowledge to apply to any one of the services his company provides.

Tom Wight is a licensed landscape arborist and licensed utility arborist, these licenses allow him to work around the power and utility lines and provide educational arboricultural services for your landscape.

T W Enterprises, Inc. Crew
The crew at T W Enterprises, Inc., is experienced, well trained, professional, licensed arborists. From the office personnel to the tree climbers, all employees of  T W Enterprises, Inc are held to a high standard of performance unmatched by any other local tree service provider.  100% heart, all day, every day, loving what they do, working within the tree care industry.

  • Crew Leaders – Supervise all aspects of the job. Have five plus years in the industry.
  • Climbing Crew/Arborists – Required to prune a variety of plants from ground level shrubs to mature shade trees. Have three plus years in the industry.
  • Equipment Operators – Stump grinding, Chip truck, Bucket trucks, Snow plows, John Deer Loaders, Tri-axle Log trucks
  • Groundsmen- Handle all ground work, including equipment operations & final job clean up


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Southern Maine Tree Services
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