Lot Clearing/Clean up

Do you have plans of building a new home? Does your lot need to be cleared? We at T W Enterprises have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get the job done right. We provide services including cutting in roads/driveways, clearing large lots, or thinning wooded parcels. We can also selectively cut trees in your lot to produce a healthier forest and reduce fire hazards.

Lot Clearing:

Lot clearing is the removal of bushes, stumps, trees, and rocks to accommodate development of a piece of property. The key benefits of land clearing are safety and accessibility. Bushes and trees that grow too close together reduce visual appeal and property values. Clearing out weeds, brush and removing select trees creates more usable property. Areas that are full of brush and weeds can also be havens for snakes and rodents as well as larger animals like deer that can create hazards for drivers. Unkempt vegetation can also invite disease-carrying insects and other pests. Clearing the areas and removing unhealthy trees creates a safer, more usable and enjoyable environment.

Clean Up:

Not clearing a lot? Just need brush and logs picked up? We will clean up your lot or property, removing unwanted growth, shrubs, brush and trees. We can haul it all away or to save you money, we can leave the wood chips onsite.

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